Beloved since time immemorial, the poetry of tea traverses, like a sinuous and harmonious line, the entire history of mankind, weaving an extraordinary web between different cultures and traditions. A journey into the tradition and culture of China, India, Japan, England…

A journey Arthemia wanted to take by passionately collecting the best blends designed for today’s estimator. A garden where to regenerate by finding balance and well-being.

The legend

About 3,000 years ago, Emperor Shen-Nung, while on a journey, had stopped for a rest and lay under a large tree. A fire had been lit and there was a cauldron full of water simmering on the fire. The heat of the fire dried some leaves on a particularly long branch when a gust of wind dislodged these leaves and some went into the boiling water. The water took on the color of gold and a delicious fragrance pervaded the air. The emperor tasted the drink and was enthusiastic about both the taste and aroma. Thus tea was born.

The tea plant

The more than ten thousand qualities of tea produced in the world all come from a single plant: the camellia sinesis.

It generally grows in particular gardens set at 2,000 meters above sea level where, due to the harshness of the climate slowing its growth, the leaves acquire their special character and aroma.

The properties of tea

A natural antioxidant with significant invigorating and rejuvenating qualities, tea has always been considered a beverage with numerous beneficial characteristics. The presence of theine, due to the action gently acts as a stimulant for physical and mental activity. The wealth of vitamins and minerals contained in the leaves make tea a beverage with recognized digestive, depurative, and revitalizing qualities.

Drinking a cup of tea is the best way to have an encounter with harmony and well-being.

Roots of tea leaf collection

Highly selected leaf tea essences and fragrances from the world's best gardens.

Roots of tea Pyramid collection

Biodegradable fabric pyramid filter packaging that is gentle with the environment.

Roots of tea fanning basic collection

A simple and exclusive small filter tea line: convenience and ease of brewing.

Ice tea & cocktail infusion

With water, ice and a selection Of the best leaves capable To release all the aroma of a genuine drink And a source of very fresh well-being.