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The purpose of these general conditions of sale (hereinafter, “General Conditions”) is to regulate the purchase of products and services, made at a distance and made available, via the Internet network, by the Site (hereinafter, the “Site”) in compliance with the Italian regulations set forth in Legislative Decree 206/2005 and subsequent amendments and additions (hereinafter, “Consumer Code”).

The goods and services covered by these general conditions are offered for sale by Arthemia Srl with headquarters in Segrate (MI), Via Galileo Galilei 14 C.F. P/Iva 06989070963 .

The term “Customer” means the person who makes the purchase, referred to in this contract.

Every order placed by the Customer on the website implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale and payment described herein. Therefore, the transmission of the order implies full knowledge of the mentioned Conditions and their full acceptance.

Conditions of sale are subject to change at any time. In this case, the conditions of sale applicable to the order are those in effect on the date of the order.


Article 1 – Prices

Prices of items are given in euros (€) and include taxes and fees. The cost of shipping the goods is not included. The total order price, shipping charges shown separately, will always be updated in the shopping cart until the order is complete.

The prices shown on the site may change at any time, without notice therefore the prices of the invoiced items, are those saved at the time of the order.

Article 2 – Payments

Payment for the order is usually made by PayPal, Bank Transfer and cash (only for on-site pickup), Arthemia Srl will prepare and ship the order as soon as the credit is received.

Arthemia Ltd. reserves the right to suspend any order or delivery in progress in case the lending institution has refused payment through or in case of non-payment.

Arthemia srl reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders issued by buyers it considers unsuitable or for any other legitimate reason, without any need to provide the reason.


Selecting the paypal payment method will start the automatic connection to the paypal site to make the payment; in case of difficulty you can pay later using the “SEND MONEY” function directly from the paypal account to the email


The Customer must make the transfer within 5 working days from the date of the order. In case this does not occur the order will be cancelled. The Customer who has not made the transfer may be contacted by Customer Service in order to receive support to make the non-payment. For payment by bank transfer, the order is processed upon actual receipt of payment. Transfer receipt times are technical banking times that are beyond the control of the Supplier, who cannot give any indication as to the date of shipment before accounting for the receipt of the transfer.

The details for the disposition of the transfer will be communicated to the Customer with the confirmation of the order, the transfer must explicitly indicate the order number, which can be found in the confirmation email (e.g. “Order No. 123456”).

Once you have done so, it is recommended that you forward a copy of the payment receipt showing your full name and order number via e-mail to

Any reimbursement to the Customer, if he/she is entitled to it, will be credited by reversal of the payment by PayPal or bank transfer, at the latest within 30 days from the date on which the Supplier became aware of the cause generating the right to reimbursement.

Article 3 – Availability of Products

The Supplier ensures through the computer system used the processing and fulfillment of orders within the terms of the contract except in case of force majeure or fortuitous event. If the product is not in stock, Customer Service will promptly notify the Customer and provide directions on how to proceed


Article 4 – Shipping

The stipulated contract will be concluded only with the shipment of the ordered products.

For all orders over $100.00, shipping is free.

Below this amount, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping cost is €6.90, all shipping costs are  including VAT.

Shipping to Italy will be by express courier.

The shipping time from our logistics is on average 24 hours to 48 hours after payment is accounted for, once shipped, delivery is within the next 48 hours.

The order will be delivered to the ‘address provided when completing the order form. cannot be held responsible for any data entry errors that may cause delays or delivery errors; in this case, all costs incurred for the return of the order or new shipment will be borne entirely by the customer Any additional costs due to storage in case of non-delivery will be borne by the customer.


Arthemia Srl gives customers in the area the opportunity to pick up their order placed online at their location.

In that case, shipping costs will be zero.

For pickup time and day, please contact our Customer Service Department at +39 02.2132572 or


Article 5 – Limitations of Liability

Arthemia Srl  is not responsible for delays that are unforeseeable and/or attributable solely to the courier company. Any event, such as force majeure, accident, strike, administrative decision or transportation stoppage, which could delay or prevent the procurement or make its cost exorbitant, constitutes, by explicit agreement, a clause of suspension or termination of obligations for Arthemia Srl, without any compensation for the customer.

If the event lasts for more than 15 days, the customer will be fully and automatically released from all obligations related to his order. If there are any problems or delays in delivery, the customer is asked to notify using the email address, to make the situation known.

The order will be shipped in perfect condition, however, the customer is requested to check the contents of their order upon delivery and inform the courier of any damage and Arthemia Srl within one business day at

Arthemia Srl  assumes no responsibility for inefficiencies attributable to force majeure and or for inefficiencies or malfunctions related to the use of the Internet beyond its control . It will also not be liable with regard to damages, losses and costs incurred by the Customer as a result of the non-performance of the contract due to causes beyond its control, the Customer being entitled only to a full refund of the price paid.


Article 6 – Obligations of the Client

The Customer agrees, after the conclusion online purchase procedure, to arrange for printing and storage of the web page showing the order data. The information contained in this contract has, moreover, already been viewed and accepted by the Customer, who acknowledges this, since at the time of finalizing the order there is always a link to this section at the bottom of the page.

Article 7 -Manner of filing the contract

Arthemia Srl informs the Customer that every order transmitted is stored in digital form on the server where the site resides according to criteria of confidentiality and security.

Article 8 -Guarantees, service arrangements and complaints

The Customer indicates on the registration form his or her residence and domicile, telephone number and e-mail address to which he or she wishes communications from the Supplier to be sent.

Delivered products must be checked by the customer upon delivery of the products to ensure that they match the products ordered. In case of anomalies, the customer must notify by email on the same day of delivery or at the latest one day later at the following address:  indicating the product batch number and the type of defect found. Any claim after this deadline will not be accepted.

In the case of damaged or missing goods, which therefore present obvious discrepancies between the goods purchased and those received, it is the right of Arthemia Srl to request from the Customer photographic evidence demonstrating the non-conformity of the delivery. If, following verification of the photographic evidence, the non-compliance is confirmed, Arthemia Srl will proceed to refund to the Customer the exact amount paid by the Customer. If the refund is partial and does not cover the entire order, any shipping costs paid by the customer will not be refunded.
It is the discretion of the Supplier, and in any case in agreement the Customer, to propose the reshipment of nonconforming goods or to propose the issuance and mailing of a discount code expendable on the Seller’s website.

The Seller avails itself of the right to reject a claim in the following cases:

  • Incorrect, incomplete, or unsuitable delivery address (based on the data provided by the Customer during purchase) or lack of a recipient reference visible to the shipper at the delivery address (e.g., house number or first and last name on the doorbell). The delivery information entered by the Customer and recorded at the time of the order binds the Customer. In the event of an error in entering such delivery information, Arthemia Srl shall not be held liable for the inability to deliver the goods as a result of such error. Customer Service will make an attempt to contact the Customer, who is required to give a response within 24 hours.
  • Delivery not made due to absent recipient. Customer Service will make an attempt to contact the Customer, who is required to give a response within 24 hours;
  • Absence of photographs proving the condition of the product if it was reported as nonconforming;
The Supplier avails itself of the right to reject orders from Customers who placed two orders and then failed to deliver.

Article 9 – Right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with Arthemia Srl , without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within  14 days from the day of receipt of the products purchased on

The customer may withdraw by written notice stating his or her information, order number and coordinates for refund (IBAN or PayPal address), to be sent:

  • by registered letter with return receipt to the following address: Arthemia Srl, Via Galileo Galilei 14, 20054 Segrate MI
  • by fax 02/2134746
  • By e-mail to

Essential condition for the exercise of the right of withdrawal is the substantial integrity of the products to be returned, the Customer is required to return the products to Arthemia Srl within the period of 14 days from the date on which he communicated to the seller his decision to withdraw from the contract.

The cost of reshipping the goods will be the responsibility of the Customer, as well as the liability in case of loss or damage of the products during transportation.

The right of withdrawal, in addition to compliance with the terms and procedures described above, is understood to be properly exercised if the following conditions are also met:

  •  Notification of one’s intention to withdraw from the contract within the terms of these general terms and conditions;
  •  Products must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged and sealed.

If the right of withdrawal is exercised in the manner provided for and described above, Arthemia Srl will make the necessary verifications regarding the conformity of the returned products and refund the sums due within 14 days from the date on which Arthemia Srl returned in possession of the goods;

If the terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal are not met, the Customer will not be entitled to a refund of the amounts.

The right applies to the Product purchased in its entirety; therefore, if the Product is composed of several components or parts, it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on part of the Product purchased.

In addition to the above cases (non-consumer customer and/or requesting invoice), the right of withdrawal is excluded in the following cases, according to Art. 59 Legislative Decree 21/2014:

  • order of Products that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly;
  • order of sealed Products that are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection-related reasons or that have been opened after delivery.

With reference to the cases of exclusion of withdrawal listed above, the Customer, in particular, is informed and accepts that the Products that” are in danger of deteriorating or expiring rapidly” include all Food Products since the characteristics and qualities of these types of Products are also subject to alteration as a result of inappropriate storage. Therefore, for hygienic and Customer protection reasons, the right of withdrawal is applicable only for Products purchased on the Site that can be returned to the Supplier and then put back on the market by the Supplier without danger to the health of consumers.

In cases where the right of withdrawal is excluded, the Supplier will return any excluded Products purchased to the Customer, charging the Customer for shipping costs.


If the order that the Customer wishes to return contains complimentary products, the Customer must also return the complimentary product. The free product must also be returned in the condition described above.

Article 10 – Information and Product Characteristics

Information and features about the Products are available, along with their Product codes, on the Site.

The visual representation of the Products on the Site, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image accompanying the description sheet. It is understood that the image of the Products themselves is for the sole purpose of presenting them for sale and may not be perfectly representative of its characteristics and quality but may differ in color, size, and elements. In case of any difference between the picture and the written product sheet, the product sheet description always prevails.

The Customer, by concluding the online purchase procedure, declares that he/she has read the ingredients and allergens.

Article 11 – Invoicing of products

If the purchase is made by a VAT person, it will be possible to request invoice issuance by checking the appropriate box during the order process and entering the billing information. The Customer is responsible for the correct entry of billing information and is expressly informed that if the invoice is not requested at the time of order, it will not be possible to request it later.

Article 12 – Intellectual Property Rights

Arthemia Srl  is the authorized owner of all copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, to all text, images and additional content on the Sites and social platforms (Facebook and Instagram). We allow you to browse the Sites and reproduce excerpts for your own use with the kind instruction to keep intact all mentions pertaining to copyright and trademark rights. Reproduction, sale or use for commercial purposes is not permitted.


Article 13 – Testimonials about our products

We at Arthemia like to receive your feedback about our products and services through our loyalty programs or on our Sites and social platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Product testimonials must be truthful and constructive. In any case, we reserve the right to edit your testimonials with regard to length, spelling, etc. and to republish (web and/or print) your comments within communication or marketing materials.


Article 14 – Jurisdiction

The contract of sale between the Customer and Arthemia Srl  is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian Law. For the resolution of disputes relating to the interpretation, execution or termination of these General Conditions or of individual purchase orders if the Customer is a consumer under the Consumer Code, the court of his or her municipality of residence or domicile will have exclusive jurisdiction if located in the Italian territory; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Court of Milan, any other jurisdiction excluded.

Article 15 – Registration and Privacy

If you open an Account on one of our Sites, you are responsible for ensuring that the personal information you are required to provide during registration is true, accurate and current in all parts. Should your personal information change or should you wish to delete your Account, you can send us a notification by contacting us through the following email address:, indicating of the text of the email your request for deletion or change of personal information.

Once registered, you will receive a password. This password is to be kept secret since you are solely responsible if you do not keep it confidential.

We reserve the right not to operate services and/or terminate accounts without notice in the event of a violation of these Terms and Conditions or if we have decided, in our sole discretion, that it is in the best interest of Arthemia Srl to do so.

Any personal data you share with us via the Internet is protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before providing us with any personal information.