Refill 33- Apple Witch Tea Gr. 40


Apple-flavored black tea blend: to regain a moment of pleasant well-being.


Apple Witch Tea: Blend of black teas flavored with apple: to regain a moment of pleasant well-being.

Apple-flavored black tea of high quality by grain size: large-cut leaves of the same size and dehydrated fruit pieces.
Infused with a wide range of typically fruity aromas and refined essences.

With Arthemia, tea is not just a drinking experience but a journey to taste the world’s most exclusive teas and infusions and discover a new way of savoring life.
We invite you on a journey into taste and tradition that will guide you to the roots of tea, to discover all the goodness and quality of a beverage with a history stretching back thousands of years.

When you order this product you will receive an elegant cardboard box in the perfect arthemia style, containing 40g of leaf tea.

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Black tea, chopped apple, flavorings.