Angels Natural Experience is a line of 100% natural spray purifiers.


Angels Natural Experience is a line of 100% natural spray purifiers.

A hydro-alcoholic food product perfect for the new hygiene sensibility and with many daily uses.

For hands, for cups, for bottle caps, for cell phones and tablets, for gloves and masks, for eyeglasses and sunglasses, for business cards, for car steering wheel…

It is well known that ethyl alcohol with alcohol content between 60°/80° has high disinfectant power and by coming into contact with bacteria and viruses, it prevents them from performing their functions.

NB: This information does not exempt you from complying with applicable health and safety regulations.

Additional information

Chemical and physical characteristics

Specific gravity 20°C (g/ml): 0.881 Acidity 20°C (pH units): 5.56 Refractive index 20°C: 1.365 Flash point (°C): < 22 Ethanol: Vol. 75%.

Sensory properties

Appearance: light brown alcoholic liquid Aroma: slightly herbaceous when vaporized, hint of Green Tea and honey.


Aromatic ingredients aromatic preparations, distilled aromatic preparations Solvents: ethyl alcohol from cereals, bacteriologically pure demineralized water Additives: / Other ingredients: blueberry juice Colorants: / Botanicals: Lime Leaves, Linden Flowers, Angelica, Green Tea.


10 cl. glass bottle with vaporizer 1 bottle vaporizes about 600 doses of gr. 0.15/each.


Store containers tightly closed, in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources and bright light.