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Pursuant to Art. 13 of Reg. EU 2016/679

The company ARTHEMIA MILANO S.r.l. is the Data Controller of the data you provide and, through this document, wishes to make available to you detailed information regarding their use and protection.

Purpose and legal basis

Personal data provided by you and acquired by the Owner will be processed to fulfill the obligations undertaken in preliminary and final contracting, as well as to perform all those activities related to the contract and imposed by law.

Specifically, therefore, the data you provide will be used in accordance with Art. 6 par. 1, lett. (b) and (c) of EU Regulation 2016/679, for the following purposes:

  1. Execution and management of the request expressed in the contact form;
  2. Carrying out all activities related to the request, including administrative, accounting, and/or tax activities;
  3. fulfillment of specific obligations arising from related laws, regulations and/or orders of the Authority;
  4. Exercise the rights of the Data Controller in court litigation;

For your protection, it is clarified that the data requested from you are only those that are strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the present purposes, in compliance with the principle of minimization set forth in Art. 5 par. 1(c) and that, therefore, their failure to do so will only result in the impossibility of carrying out what was agreed upon.

Data subject to processing

The data that we have requested from you and that will be subject to processing activities for the purposes just stated above can be defined as:

  • Identifying data: (last name, first name, address of actual residence/domicile);
  • Contact information: (e-mail address and landline or cell phone number);
  • Subject of the request

Mode of treatment

Processing will be carried out in both manual and computerized form, in accordance with Art. 32 of EU Regulation 2016/679, by the Data Controller or by specially appointed and appointed individuals.

Pursuant to Art. 4 para. 2, it is specified that processing may consist of any operation or set of operations such as collection, recording, storage, adaptation and modification, extraction, consultation, communication, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Retention period

The Data Controller will retain your data for as long as necessary to fulfill the request and for 10 years thereafter.

Disclosure of data

In order to fulfill the purposes of this Notice and in the manner set forth in the preceding paragraph, we may communicate your data to: Internal Revenue Service; Banks and credit institutions; Public bodies and administrative apparatuses of the P.A.; Judicial authorities; other partner companies; and to all those subjects to whom communication is obligatory by law.

These parties will process your data as autonomous data controllers.

The updated list of External Data Processors, on the other hand, is kept at the registered office of the Data Controller.

What are your rights and how to exercise them

As a data subject, you are granted the rights set forth in Articles 15 to 22 of EU Regulation 2016/679, where applicable, which consist of:

  • Access;
  • Rectification;
  • Cancellation;
  • Limitation;
  • Complaint to a Regulatory Authority;

At any time, you may exercise these rights by written communication to be sent to ARTHEMIA MILANO S.r.l., Via G. Galilei, no. 14 -20054 Segrate (MB), or by e-mail to or again by PEC to