Sunny Angels tea


When tea leaves become the angels wings , we can fly far away.


È una tisana alle foglie di mora, chiodi di garofano e anice. Depurativa, è utile per prevenire le malattie cardiovascolari.


Tea tasting is an experience that is not only focused on taste but also on purification and spiritual regeneration.

Thanks to this thought, Arthemia has created "Angels Tea" a line of fine teas and infusions to be proposed in selected coffeeshops. A collection inspired by angels

and by words that, behind every little daily gesture, they whisper, helping us to find ourselves vital center.


Tea tasting is an experience that is not only focused on taste but also on purification and spiritual regeneration.


Trought distant and legendary lands we have selected the most precious leaves, the most precious flowers and the rarest berries.

Angels Tea leaves, in order to join us, have long flown the world.

Over 5.000 km journey.


Carefully preserving leaves, and therefore all their precious properties released in the infusion, working with expert hands with a delicate touch.

The right amount of leaves is deposited with a light touch that does not harm the integrity of the leaves, in each funning.


Sartorially sealing each funning, produced with flax and cotton fibers, and signing each tag

with pure love words.

A collection of poetic phrases makes every Angels Tea tag unique and surprising.


Guarding all the product precious fragrance in a safe and prestigious packaging.

Each filter is sealed in a protective PVC bag and stored in a luxurious

porcelain box.


Embellishing each box with a plaster angel, manually applied .

A ready to take flight collection.


And after a 5000 km journey and over 15000

handcrafted people work, Angels Tea, comes to your house.


By ordering this product you will receive an elegant porcelain jar embellished with a plaster angel, containing 10 linen and cotton tea bags, 3.5 g leaf tea cotton each.


Ingredienti: Foglie di mora, buccia d’arancia, buccia d’arancia, rosa canina, mela in pezzi,

verbena, chiodi di garofano, anice, petali di calendula, aromi naturali

Tè, tea, tè in foglia, tisana, tisane, infuso, mora, foglie di mora, chiodi di garofano, anice, tisana depurativa

*pictures are purely demonstrative. All our workers use sterile gloves for packaging every single tea bag.