Assam with blown glass teapot


Assam: the black tea par excellence, with a strong and decisive taste, ideal to be enjoyed in the mornin.


Blend of black teas with an energetic taste. With yellow and orange color and with

an aromatic, fresh, herbaceous taste.

Pure Tea characterized by a prestigious leaf cut : all same dimension

big leaves. Tea with a wide range of aromas and refined

essences, each with a well perceptible fragrance.

Black tea blend made from finely selected raw materials

directly from the countries of origin and with beneficial properties (flavonoids,

antioxidant substances). Without additives or dyes.


With Arthemia, tea is not a simple drinking experience but a journey to taste the most exclusive teas and infusions in the world and discover a new way to savor life.

We invite you to take a journey into taste and tradition that will guide you to the roots of tea,

to discover all the goodness and quality of a drink with a thousand-year history.




Ordinando questo prodotto riceverai un raffinato barattolo in latta nel perfetto stile Arthemia contenente 100 g di tè in foglia e un’elegante teiera in vetro soffiato.


Ingredienti: Tè nero.